Influencing meaningful change

How does the process work?

Coaching is not for everyone. It is essential that the person I am working with feels at ease talking with me. Therefore, the first session, up to one hour, is free. During this session we will discuss the import issues that are impacting your business and/or personal life. This will provide the opportunity for both of us to determine if we want to continue.

If you decide to continue, I will ask you to make a three month commitment to the coaching process. We will schedule a One-Hour Orientation session by phone. Prior to this session I will ask you to complete Strength Finder 2.0 and Advanced Insights Profile on leadership. This will help us get to know each other quickly, identify how you are capitalizing on your strength, and determine areas you want to work on.

We will meet weekly by phone for an hour. Weekly sessions offer consistency and follow-through to maintain continuity. You can also email issues or questions in between calls or contact me directly, if there is a critical situation needing immediate attention.


Initial Three Month Fee: $3,600

 Hourly rate: $250, Half hour rate: $150

Payment due in advance.

What is Executive Coaching?

The stress created by running a business often challenges the strongest of people. The strength to maintain in difficult time often requires the objective clarity of a professionally trained voice. Coaching addresses real issues rather than identified problems. It isn’t that a coach knows all the answers; simply that a coach is not part of the problem.

Executive Coaching is a commitment to focus on you and what you want to accomplish. It is the opportunity to discuss with an unbiased person the challenges you are facing in your business and personal life. Unlike therapy, coaching is a process focused on your strength and abilities. Coaching conveys the feedback required to gain clarity, increase awareness, remove obstacles, develop action plans and get results.

Executive coaching is a confidential relationship where the focus remains on the leader. The process pushes the individual being coached to reach beyond what they would normally achieve on their own exploring obstacles to accomplishing their goals.

Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because it clarifies three key aspects of leadership; Expectations, Agreement and Accountability. Defining expectations increases our awareness of what we want. Blending our joint expectations into an agreement creates a basis for accountability. By working together, we realize a more focused understanding of what we want in our personal and professional life and hold each other accountable for attainment.

Using assessment tools, we explore your perception of yourself and compare the information to your vision for the future. Clarifying your expectations and comparing to your current reality produces the creative tension required for change. Having a coach available to offer objective feedback is different from sharing this information with co-workers and/or family. As a leader it is difficult to share your concerns with co-workers and often discomforting to family.

Working with a coach to develop action plans combined with regular sessions to monitor progress produces significant results. Coaching success is determined by measurable results; professionally and personally. Helping leaders develop a shared-vision with their team/family generates positive action. The ongoing coaching practice of reassessment and refinement moves individuals and organization toward shared goals.

What Is Patch Coaching? How Will Having A Coach Benefit You?

A trusted resource providing objective, results oriented feedback.

Executive coaching is a non-linear process which seeks to define the strength and desires of a business leader, emotionally and intellectually.  It combines multiple disciplines in a confidential setting to define your vision, goals and desires with clear action plans to achieve results.

  • A Coach challenges you and takes the time to help you to clarify your goals and obstacles
  • A Coach focuses on your strengths and assists in understanding your abilities to create what you want now and for your future
  • A Coach helps clarify your expectations of yourself and others
  • A Coach helps define the agreements required to produce accountability
  • A Coach helps you to orient your life and business around your true beliefs, values, and sense of purpose.
  • A Coach keeps you accountable, asking more of you than anyone around you
  • A Coach is a change agent for you and your organization to move you toward a shared vision of your organization and life

Patch Coaching offers executive coaching and business mentoring that guides business professionals through meaningful change.

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