Influencing meaningful change


Glenn grew up in an entrepreneurial family in California. He developed leadership skills at an early age through Boy Scouts, student government and the Marine Corp. After being disillusioned by his experience in Viet Nam he earned a Master’s degree in Communication and Psychology. After graduation he worked in the treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse. This lead to opportunities teaching at the college level and as a master trainer for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Gaining a license in Marriage and Family Therapy he opened a private practice.

Recognizing he enjoyed training more than therapy he started a training and consulting business. This lead to opportunities to work with organizations on team development, problem solving and skills development. Being offered a position as Chief Operating Officer he worked to transition the business from a personal to more professionally managed organization. This lead to additional opportunities to work with other businesses in C level positions.

Glenn returned to consulting to focus on working with owners and CEO’s to transition their companies to the next level. In parallel to this effort he co-founded a logistics company creating business plans and systems to support the growth and development of several companies serving the ocean shipping industry.

His consulting and business experience has allowed him to travel internationally. Experiencing various cultures has afforded the opportunity to learn how organizations work in different parts of the world. Being an entrepreneur has afforded first-hand knowledge of the risks and challenges involved in owning and operating your own business.

Coaching became an interest to Glenn after the financial crisis of 2008. As CEO of a group of companies he was in need objective advice to navigate these difficult times. Having support from an outside third party with experience in business but disconnected from the organization proved extremely valuable.

After selling the businesses, Glenn returned to consulting, coaching and counseling. His focus is on working with organizations transitioning from founder to the next generation, personal to professional management or individuals looking for someone outside their current relationships who can be objective.

As a consultant, coach or counselor, Glenn works with individuals or groups designing effective strategies to develop systems which effectively manage change.

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